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Meet the Staff

  • Tiffany Walker
    Office Manager- Billing Specialist

    Tiffany is a native of North Carolina. She has been with Greenapple Sports & Wellness since 2013 and has worked in the chiropractic field since 2006.  As the office manager she ensures the daily operations run smoothly. She is the “go to” person when there are questions about billing and insurance. She is a great resource to patients who might have questions regarding their insurance coverage, how chiropractic can help them, or questions regarding their care within our office. She handles all insurance filing and processing,patient accounts, and other administrative duties.

    When she isn't working Tiffany is busy at her sons high school wrestling tournaments.

  • Debbie Bartelli
    Chiropractic Assistant/Massage Therapist

    Debbie was born & raised in Brooklyn NY & moved to NC in 2006. She transitioned into the medical field in 2000, working as a Physical Therapy asst., then a Chiropractic asst., then in 2012 attained her license in Massage Therapy.

    She has worked intermittently at Greenapple Sports & Wellness for nearly 12 yrs. Debbie loves working with the public and is very attentive to the patients, always making sure they are comfortable and prepared for their visit with the Doctor, by getting muscle stim, cold laser therapy and/or nice warm heat packs. In her spare time she loves hiking, rock wall climbing and photography.

    And for an extra perk, she's always willing to give a little Sombra massage after your treatment!

  • Kathleen Dennis
    Rehab Specialist

    Kathleen was born and raised in Charlotte, NC and grew up training in classical ballet. With dance as the foundation for her love of fitness and health, she decided to pursue a certification in Personal Training. She worked as a trainer for college students and faculty throughout her time at Appalachian State University where she graduated with a Bachelors of Exercise Science. Shortly after finishing her degree she moved back to the Charlotte area looking to find a job that incorporated her background in personal training and her education in Exercise Science. Helping restore and improve the functioning of patient’s bodies became one of her many passions as feeling good physically does a lot to improve how we feel mentally. As the Rehab Specialist, she works with patients to find different exercises that can be done at home to help alleviate some of the pain they may be feeling when they walk in the door.

    On the weekends, Kathleen can be found weight training in the gym, hiking, or painting.