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Community Challenge for A Child's Place

Greenapple Sports and Wellness matches each $1.00 donation to A Child’s Place made by our patients during the month of February. We’re hoping to collect $2,000 for this incredible charity that supports homeless children here in Charlotte. Let’s team up to be part of the solution!

The unfortunate truth is that there are nearly 5,000 homeless children in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools alone. These children are twice as likely to go hungry or repeat a grade. Homeless children are also three times as likely to suffer emotional problems and are sick four times as often as their peers. A donation to A Child’s Place helps provide homeless children right here in Charlotte with educational and emotional support services as well as the medical referrals they need to stay healthy and in the classroom.

Consider a donation to A Child’s Place a sound investment in Charlotte’s future. It costs A Child’s Place $985 a year to serve one homeless child. Compare that to the $62,000 it costs should that same child be in the juvenile justice system, or $39,000 to be incarcerated as an adult. A full 97% of A Child’s Place students are promoted to the next grade level, compared to 64% nationally. For every year a child progresses through school, the likelihood of them being poor and homeless as an adult decreases. (Source: A Child’s Place client data, 2010-2011)

A Child’s Place is 100% privately funded and receives no federal, state or local tax dollars. Greenapple Sports and Wellness is proud to support their work with children here at home and is offering to match your dollar donation all during the month of February.