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Gait Analysis

320899_10100321999217808_2710533_51714046_1547184212_n.jpgHere is an excellent example of a condition we see in the office quite a bit. This patient was experiencing left knee pain, and with using the treadmill in the rehab center we can visualize why she was experiencing her symptoms (Let it be known that this is a multiple marathoner and an ultra marathoner).

As we expected during her physical examination, her left hip collapses on impact and thro...ughout her midstance. This is caused primarily by weak muscles in the hip called the gluteus medius and the external rotators, which act as stabilizers upon impact. This caused a cascade of compensations down the leg, one of which was shearing at the knee joint.

With the gait analysis we are now offering in the office, we can see how well certain muscles are working through your run. This is a great tool we use to incorporate specific rehabilitation for each individual patie

Dr. Evan Kahn