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Rebalancing for Fall

Fall is one of the most exciting times of change. We finally get a break in the heat and humidity. Summer’s cool greens shift to the warm reds, yellows and oranges as the temperatures chill. Football gives us new focus and emotional roller coaster rides, and outdoor chores focus on preparing our homes to eventually hunker down for the winter.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fall is the season associated with the metal element which governs the mind, organization, order, and stability. We tend to be more reflective as the year winds down, turning inward to our work, our families and our homes during this time. It is a time to organize and prepare our bodies and minds for the winter season ahead.

Emotionally, Fall is the season associated with grief and sadness. The weather may lend itself our being less active outside, cooped-up indoors, and seeing less of the sun and blue skies. It is important to keep the mind clear and redirect these feelings that can come with this change of seasons, as they can all negatively impact our health and well-being.

Mind your diet for fall

Fresh fruits and vegetables are always a best choice for health and well-being, but in the fall, eat fewer cold, uncooked foods, like salads, and move to more warm, cooked foods. Switch from salads to soups and steamed vegetables such as winter squash, winter peas, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and yams. Incorporate yellow and red foods into your meals. Choose in-season fruits and vegetables, as they will be at their peak this time of year.

Protect yourself this season

The body is particularly susceptible to wind and cold during the fall. After a summer with plenty of rain and the usual high humidity, the eventual shift to dry, blustery weather can cause symptoms of coughing, dry nose, sore throat, dry skin, dry hair and scalp, dry mouth and cracked lips, and hard and dry stools. Adding more nourishing, moisture-rich foods to your diet can promote body fluid, soothe the lungs and insulate you from dryness and keep the lungs and large intestines in balance. Common symptoms associated with lung and large intestine imbalances are respiratory problems, such as asthma, shortness of breath, frequent colds, and sinus infections, as well as constipation and skin problems.

Finding the balance

As we’ve talked about before, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine help us live harmoniously with the changing seasons. The natural cycles of the seasons cue our bodies that there are changes ahead.  Acupuncture helps us redirect the body’s energy from season to season, channeling it to protect and preserve our overall health, and managing the demands that each new season puts on our body, mind and spirit. If you’re wondering how acupuncture can help you this fall, call our office for an appointment or consultation today.