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Vitamin D: Bone Up on this Flu Fighting Nutrient

We’ve heard for years now about the importance of good hand hygiene and getting a vaccination to prevent the flu. But there’s mounting evidence that vitamin D, an easy-to-get nutrient, may play a big part in not only fighting the flu, but also helping prevent it in the first place.

Bio-D-Mulsion is a liquid vitamin D supplement available at Greenapple Sports and Wellness

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is naturally present in very few foods. So much so, we often see it added to other foods and available as a dietary supplement. The most-readily absorbed vitamin D is produced in our bodies when the sun’s ultraviolet rays contact our skin and trigger vitamin D synthesis. You’re likely well aware of vitamin D’s role in promoting bone health and calcium absorption, but vitamin D is also an important player in overall healthy immune function, producing hundreds of different antimicrobials in your body that kill bacteria, fungi and viruses of all kinds.

What does all that mean for flu season? Plenty. Dr. John Cannell was one of the first to propose the link between seasonal vitamin D deficiency and epidemic flu rates. Since then, studies have shown that children taking just 1,200 IUs of vitamin D3 per day, which is considered a low dose, were nearly half as likely to come down with the flu in the first place. Further studies published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggested that people with the lowest vitamin D levels had the most difficult time recovering from upper respiratory infections, colds and the flu. But what's a body to do when its primary source of vitamin D is in such short supply? Due to its scarcity in whole foods, supplementation is the simplest, most effective and least expensive option to shore up vitamin D deficiency and strengthen immune function. Greenapple Sports and Wellness offers a multi-vitamin and a specific D supplement in a product called Bio-D-Mulsion Forte. This liquid vitamin D supplement is easier for the body to absorb. Both should be weapons in your flu fighting regimen, and part of your routine for overall good health.