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 I wanted to say thank you so much for being so generous with your time and helping me this year to stay on top of the pesky achilles tendon issue from tennis. You were so kind, positive, encouraging, and kept me healthy while training for the Ironman. I can't believe it, but I never got exhausted or sore during the race!  So, Thank you again for everything you did to keep me durable on my Kona journey.


Meghan Fillnow


 I am a professional golfer from Canada who trains in Charlotte North Carolina. As a professional athlete getting back quickly when I have injuries and injury prevention are my two highest priorities. Dr. Greenapple and his staff are world class. It is the best treatment that you can get anywhere. I have worked with all three chiro's in the clinic and all are excellent. I would highly suggest anyone with injury issues or just trying to stay healthy to go check it out. You will not regret it!!  

Braeden Cryderman

Being a member of Team USA the amount of rigorous work and stress we take our body through it is imperative to maintain regular body maintenance.  During my time preparing for the 2012 Track and Field Olympic Trials I worked with Doug.  I found he was very professional and extremely knowledgeable in learning my exact needs as a patient. Through my close work with him I was able to train and compete at the highest level possible. For anyone looking for a great chiropractor and true professional I would recommend Doug Bradberry!

Sincerely, Tori Polk

I would highly recommend anyone looking for a great chiropractor to work with Doug Bradberry.  He is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in many different forms of treatment, and took the time necessary to find what worked best for me.

As part of Team Canada, training to make the 2012 Olympics, I worked with Doug on a weekly basis to keep me ready and able to train at full capacity.  I’ve competed for Team Canada since 2001 and have worked with numerous chiropractors over the years, from all over the world.  I found Doug to be one of the best, which speaks volumes.  From soft tissue work and manipulations to laser treatments, he was very effective and always up to date with the latest forms of treatment.  Doug Bradberry is a true professional and a real pleasure to work with.  I absolutely recommend Doug to those in need of a skilled chiropractor.

Sincerely, Jared MacLeod

jason_smoots.jpgDr. Greenapple,  and their staff helped me to recover from an injury quickly. Their expertise and advanced equipment is what I needed to make that happen. They are the ones that I go to in order to stay balanced and well tuned.

Jason Smoots, Team Nike

It's Ginger Holloway! I just had to email you and tell you that I finished the White Lake Half Ironman two weeks ago! My time was 6:46 and some odd seconds. As a marathon runner, I was very excited and I wanted to tell you because you have been very instrumental in bringing me back to being able to compete. One more 1/2 marathon time at White Lake was just a minute slower than the 1/2 Marathon at Myrtle Beach!Wow...I thought that was cool. My shins feel great and I owe that all to you. I never would have gotten back to competition had it not been for you and the cutting edge treatment you offered me. Thanks for giving me back my ability to run!!

Ginger Holloway

Dear Dr. Greenapple,

On behalf of USA Triathlon, USAT Medical, and the  members of the US Duathlon Team at the World Championships, I would like to personally extend my thanks for your hard work on behalf of our athletes (and as has been conveyed to me, most other English speaking athletes that required medical care) in conjunction with this years World Championships Event.

I have heard nothing but compliments about the quality of medical services provided in conjunction with this years event. Once again, the services provided to our athletes remains the envy of all other teams and NGB's.

Again, let me extend my personal thanks and that of USA/T.


T.K.Miller, M.D.

Chair Medical Committee USA/T

For the past two seasons, Dr. Greenapple has provided additional care for the Charlotte Checkers Hockey Club.  As the head athletic trainer, Michael Derecola, I am pleased and honored to have a great working relationship with Dr. Greenapple.  He has been a tremendous help to myself and the players because of his expertise in sports therapy and rehabilitation.

Mike Derecola, ATC, CSCS Charlotte Checkers

Dear Scott:

On behalf of USA Triathlon, I want to thank you for a superlative effort in Spain.  Your presence was  not only appreciated by the athletes but the host country who has seen the USA step up and assist the event in its coverage. The athletes testimonials  also strongly support your participation on the this team. 


Tim Yount

Deputy Director USA Triathlon

Throughout my running career, staying on top of the aches and pains associated with high mileage has always been a priority for me. In 1997, I was injured with severe Plantar Fasciits. Dr. Greenapple was able to correctly diagnose the injury the first time, and developed a plan of rehabilitation which got me back out on the roads training and competing! I trust him so much, I recommend him to my customers on a daily basis.

Scott Dvorak 1996 Olympic Trials Qualifier Owner - Charlotte Running Company

I wanted to give you the update on how I performed at the Marine Corp Marathon.  I ran a conservative race and ran a negative split (2 minutes faster) for the 2nd half of the race.  I got a PR of 3:08:18 (Boston qualifying) and felt good for the entire race. Anyways, thank you for your help in getting me healed and more importantly, for teaching me how to prevent this type of injury in the future.  I will definitely recommend your practice to friends and family.

Doug Campbell  US Consumer Card Services Portfolio Analytics

Thank you for the amazing solutions oriented care you have given me over the years.  I'm the kind of patient that will not make you rich, yet bikes, swims and runs freely because of your holistic approach to therapy.  In this space, I cannot chronicle the many times you helped me get back in the water or on the road.  So let me thank you for bringing me through one set of injuries prior to the Emerald Isle 5 Mile swim.

I trained hard and was more prepared than ever.  Then, two weeks before the race my shoulder, upper and lower back and neck went berserk.   I was sure that after nine months of training for this event and others, all was for naught.  I came to you and through A.R.T. (Active Release Technique) and other magical therapies; I swam out into deep Atlantic water August 10th 2005.  Along with swimming through a swarm of jellyfish, and stroking parallel with four large finned creatures, I felt fabulous, and placed well.

I often brag that I only rush to Greenapple Sports & Wellness when I feel unbearable pain.  I'm not saying that's the correct approach, it's just my nature.  Sometimes one visit does the trick, and other times, like the pre-Emerald Isle debacle, it takes a couple weeks to work out the kinks. I know some folks have chronic situations that take longer to work through, but for someone who despises unnecessary doctor visits, and needs to be fixed here and there, Charlotte athletes are lucky to have you there.  I often hear, "I don't go because once I start, I'll have to keep going forever." In my mind, that's a myth.  If it were true, hundreds of athletes in the area would have to live at 4300 Park Road.

I appreciate how you selflessly teach simple techniques to accelerate the healing.  I would encourage all patients to apply these simple tips.  When my hip was malfunctioning, a simple stair-step exercise corrected the imbalance causing the discomfort in a matter of weeks.  When my "swimmers shoulder" acts up, a simple pressure-point-grinding solves the problem.  You have taught me not to look at the point of the pain, but its origin; or, to think about what activity may be the source of the problem.  Once it was the way I was sitting while working on the computer. I'm sure I'll be back in to see you again . . . real soon.

Brian E. Huey, President LSFS, Inc. Perpetual the novel, release date 3/1/2008